Learn about the 14 things

you should be getting from your financial advisor (but might not be).

A consolidated financial plan is important, but so
are a hundred other things on your to-do list.

Between a high-pressure job, meeting your children’s needs, board involvement – oh, and a minute with your spouse – the last thing you have time for is a serious study of financial planning. Creating and managing a detailed financial plan simply isn’t realistic when there are so many competing demands on your time.

And yet, to meet the goals you’ve set for yourself, you need a comprehensive and strategic approach to financial management designed around your unique personal and family situation. Your CPA and investment team have the basics under control, but who’s looking at the big picture?

Putting it all together takes deep technical knowledge, commitment and an in-depth understanding of your individual needs. That’s why so many Atlanta professionals trust Artisan Financial Strategies for comprehensive financial planning and oversight.

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