Gender, Money & Power

How gender role stereotypes adversely influence women's financial power.

Meredith C. Moore, Founder & CEO of Artisan Financial Strategies

In her 20 years as a financial advisor, Meredith Moore has helped hundreds of individuals, couples and families grapple with the challenge of financial planning. Each client brings a different set of needs and goals, and yet over the years she has observed several strong patterns that appear in the attitudes and intra-family dynamics her clients bring to the engagement. And with a very high percentage of female breadwinners among her clients, relative to her advisor peers, Meredith was inspired to begin writing and speaking about what she found through first-hand experience.

As a woman leading her own practice in a profession dominated by men, Meredith is particularly attuned to how women approach financial awareness, management and decisions. She was intrigued by the patterns she saw playing out again and again with clients and their partners as well as the money and power dynamics within her own marriages, so she began a program of dedicated research to help her better understand the cultural and psychological underpinnings of what she was seeing.

Meredith’s ongoing research focuses on the intersection of gender, money and power and the ways gender role assumptions impact women’s financial power within personal relationships. She has personally interviewed over a dozen of the top academic experts around the world in this emerging field of study, allowing her to put her own observations in the context of the latest insights and data from psychology, sociology, behavioral finance and other related areas.

In addition to her client work, writing and continuing research, Meredith is an engaging and sought-after speaker who frequently presents on topics surrounding issues of gender, money and power. Her speaking engagements bring together anecdotal observations and data-driven insights in niche presentations tailored for the audience’s specific areas of interest.

Past Presentations

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"Meredith Moore is an engaging and sought-after speaker who frequently presents on topics surrounding issues of gender, money and power."

Meredith customizes each presentation to reflect the specific interests and understanding level of the audience. Her most popular topics in this niche include:

  • Women, psychology and money
  • Female-specific challenges in financial planning
  • A history (and legal enforcement) of female financial illiteracy
  • Financial planning for the sandwich generation
  • When more money doesn’t mean more influence
  • Household finance typologies and how they impact the balance of domestic power
  • Explaining gender-based income inequity

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