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Our Affiliations

Effective financial planning can sometimes require a team of experts working together to serve your best interests. In such situations, we are the quarterback who makes sure everyone is working together to achieve the best possible results. If you have existing team members you trust, such as your CPA or attorney, we are happy to work with them, and we can also bring in our subject-matter experts as needed. Some of our strategic alliances are detailed below.

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Our Philosophy

Marrying behavioral finance with engineering.

The Artisan Financial Strategies team brings a rigorous and data-driven approach to financial planning. That’s probably related to the fact that the majority of us have an engineering background – we often describe our unique style as the intersection of financial advisory and engineering. In seeking optimal outcomes for clients, we adhere to three key principles.

IPrioritize Planning:

The cumulative effects of seemingly trivial choices can have a significant impact on future wellbeing, so we believe any financial decision should be rooted in a solid financial plan. That’s why your financial blueprint is so important – with it as a guide, you can move forward with confidence that each step is taking you closer to your goals. It’s also why we take the lead in reaching out to your other advisors and actively collaborating with them, setting up meetings as necessary to effectively coordinate your strategies and provide seamless support across all aspects of your financial life.

IIEmphasize Education:

IIILeverage Technology:

Artisan Financial Strategies makes a significant investment in advanced technologies in order to optimize the client experience and help us deliver the best results for you. Tools like a client command center allow you to securely view all your accounts, investments and financial documents in one place. We think this is important not just for your convenience, but also so you can gain a holistic perspective on your financial picture. Behind the scenes, we use cutting-edge tools and techniques to analyze investment portfolios and run stress tests based on various scenarios, so we can predict potential performance and ensure that your plan will stand up against all manner of uncertain circumstances.