Personal CFO

Flagship services for professional leaders.

As a seasoned professional or entrepreneur, you’re pretty comfortable. You know your business and how to approach the issues that drive its success. When it comes to managing your money, however, you might be less confident – because you understand that a big part of wisdom is knowing you really don’t know everything.

Our Private CFO services are designed just for successful leaders like you. With only 5 or 10 years left until retirement, we deliver the expertise and dedication you need to take charge of your financial world and ensure all the components are aligned for a smooth transition to your next phase.

Clients often come to us with numerous accounts, some tied to current and previous jobs while others represent personal savings. But with limited time to research strategies and formulate a detailed plan, assets don’t always work as hard as their owners – even when you know wise investment choices are critical to realizing your goals.

As your Private CFO, we analyze your portfolio allocation and run rigorous stress tests to make sure your future is secure. You’ve got more on the line than investments though; we also address concerns like risk and insurance management, estate plans and all the other components of a well-developed financial life. In addition, we take the lead role in coordinating estate planning and other collaborative matters. We make personal calls on your behalf and attend collaborative meetings with your CPA and attorney, working with you and behind the scenes with your other advisors to ensure that every detail is complete and correct.

Private CFO services aren’t right for everyone but for senior leaders, the benefits of an ongoing relationship with a fiduciary advisor are invaluable. You have access to professional insight and answers to the questions that pop up every day: Am I on track for retirement? Which account should I draw from to pay for my kids’ education? How can I minimize my tax liability this year? What are my best options during open enrollment?

Besides the sophisticated technical analysis, guidance and specific services Private CFO clients enjoy, many find that a relationship with us means the difference in doing all those important financial tasks and merely planning to. While we are very accomplished technicians, we are equally good accountability partners who excel at helping clients get the job done.

If you’re ready for a customized, supportive and comprehensive approach to financial management, contact Artisan Financial Strategies today. Let us show you how Private CFO services can help you worry less and enjoy the rewards of success more.

Let us show you how Private CFO services can help you worry less and enjoy the rewards of success more.