Our Process

What to expect.

Truly comprehensive financial planning isn’t a one-and-done event. It requires a close analysis of your day-to-day financial behavior as well as short- and long-term goals, along with an awareness of the obvious and subtle needs that drive these goals. What you’ll experience working with AFS is a thoughtful process that builds on incremental learning as we get to know each other.

Respecting your time means asking the right questions from the outset, so that every meeting effectively and efficiently advances your understanding and the strategies we are creating together. We also utilize in-person, phone and virtual meetings using online applications as appropriate, to provide flexibility and accommodate your busy schedule.

Understanding the details that make you different is our first focus. Next, we delve deeply into the numbers to build a financial blueprint around your real life – not a textbook scenario – that supports your overarching goals. Finally, we perform careful analysis and stress-test multiple scenarios to ensure your plan can withstand the unexpected. Scroll down to see how the process unfolds!

What to Expect

Step 1:Phone Consultation

It starts when you request a complimentary phone consultation. If we agree there’s a mutual fit, we’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting and provide a list of relevant documents to bring as well as a general fee range.

Step 2:First In-Person Meeting OR Video Conference

At our first in-person meeting or video conference we will discuss your expectations, current financial situation, deeper goals and the scope of services you may desire. At the conclusion of this meeting we will provide a firm fee quote.

Step 3:The Agreement

You will receive (via email and snail mail) a financial planning agreement, invoice and list of “homework” tasks that will allow us to begin your comprehensive plan.

Step 4:Data Verification Call

After you have returned the completed forms, we’ll review the homework documents together and go over the preliminary balance sheet, cash flow statement, and insurance schedule we’ve built based on the information provided.

Step 5:In-Depth Planning Sessions

Three planning sessions provide an opportunity to get granular about different aspects of your financial blueprint.

  • Planning Session #1: Goals and Investment 101
  • Planning Session #2: Risk Management and Estate Planning
  • Planning Session #3: Recommendations, Questions, and Implementation

Step 6:Ongoing Management

Once your plan is complete, we keep in touch with regular check-in calls to monitor progress, help you navigate life changes and provide answers to the inevitable questions that arise.

Throughout the process, we encourage you to ask questions and share feedback to make sure your plan is a perfect fit with your goals and current lifestyle. After all, this is your financial dream house we’re building together!